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This book is meant for educators who would like to explore beyond the conventional practices of online learning. This book is a collection of different new ideas and practices towards online learning that would be beneficial towards teaching and learning. While the context of the practices described in these chapters might not totally reflect ones’ teaching and learning context, the idea can always be explored, adapted and expanded. While most educators are aware of web applications, augmented reality, learning management systems and mobile learning, these chapters brought readers into the details of educators’ practice and other possible ideas on their own approach towards online learning. This book, therefore, highlighted novel ideas that are yet to be implemented in teaching and learning. These novel ideas are worth to be highlighted not just because of the relevance of the current shift towards online learning but also due to the fact that they are the results of the innovative minds from education institutions. As this book highlights the ‘eclecticnous’ approach towards online learning, it is hoped that it would widen educators’ perspectives on possible practices towards online learning.