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The use of e-learning strategies in teaching is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in higher education. Online Learning and Assessment in Higher Education recognises the key decisions that need to be made by lecturers in order to introduce e-learning into their teaching. In this book, 13 chapters introduce online assessments used by lecturers to conduct their teaching and learning on various disciplines. The uniqueness of each approach is that they combine a few web tools to create all assessments that can be monitored online. Lecturers, especially in higher education, need to adapt to the new norms by engaging teaching and learning online. The challenge to educators is that they do not only need to create the type of assessments that suit the course but also they need deep understanding in line with the learning outcomes stated by MQA. Ideas and approaches as shared in all 13 innovations can be used as a guidebook not limited to only lecturers but also to other educators such in schools, matriculations, polytechnics, and other institutions. The new ideas in online assessments may lead to the enhancement in developing more applications, tools, and models in the new era of education. The advantages of using online assessment do not only help during the pandemic but also can assist educators in monitoring students’ performance in real-time and less time-consuming. This book is suitable for educators to be referred to, especially for those who are seeking ideas to do online assessments for the courses the teach.